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Criminal Trials

Criminal matters are cases that are brought on behalf of the State of Indiana, and allege that a person has committed a crime. In those types of cases, the State of Indiana has the burden to prove the person guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt" for all charged offenses.


It is the role of a criminal defense attorney to analyze the evidence, evaluate the potential outcomes, and use every tool in his or her arsenal to advocate for you.  Before any decision is made regarding your case, you and your attorney should examine a number of issues including but not limited to:

Whether the charge was properly filed.

Whether there is any specific defense to the charges.

Whether any police action requires evidence to be excluded.

Whether the Rules of Evidence limit the admissibility of evidence.


There may be an opportunity to resolve your case by a plea agreement. You will need to know that there is a basis for a plea and that you are being offered a fair resolution of the charge under all of the circumstances.  Bryce Runkle can provide you with advice regarding the law and whether the case is one which should go to trial.   If you decide to go to trial, Bryce Runkle will use every tool in his arsenal to advocate for you. 

I am not here to judge; I am here to protect your future.


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